Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Life transitions come in the form of challenges and opportunities with both positive and negative outcomes. For instance, there may be times where you come to a fork in the road and struggle to make a major decision.

Common life transitions include:

  • Entering college or the workforce.
  • Moving in with someone.
  • Quitting a job or starting a new one.
  • Rebuilding an identity in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Working through blending families or divorce.

Often, it can be useful to have an outsider guide the decision-making process or provide you with an alternative perspective. Using decision-making strategies, we can explore your current needs and end-goals, while also identifying the steps it will take to get there.

How therapy assists life transitions

To help parents get on board with their child’s therapy, I implore them to look at their relationship and review how it could be improved. For example, they may wish to eat dinner together more often or speak more openly about potential issues.

Strategies for decision-making include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis and listing pros and cons.
  • Narrative therapy for perspective and pattern exploration.
  • Forming solution-focused plans of action.

Part of my role is to help you gather all the currently available information and use it to move forward with an assured decision. Talking with someone who has no personal stake in the situation can often alleviate pressure and promote you to think more clearly. Additionally, future-focused thinking can build hope and encourage confidence in your decisions.

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