Family Therapy in Palo Alto CA

Palo Alto Family Therapist

I work with families that are seeking support and guidance in developing effective communication and stronger connections. In family therapy, we examine the family unit to uncover what areas may need strengthening. All family members have space to voice their experience of a given situation, then work to understand how to meet the individual and family needs.

Specific examples of when family therapy can be helpful include:

  • The introduction of a new parental figure.
  • Adoption of a child.
  • A grandparent moving in.
  • A change of roles within the family (for example, who is the working or stay at home parent).
  • The home environment is affecting a child’s progress.
  • Learned skills extend to family members.
  • Disconnect or friction between family members.

Why is family therapy particularly useful?

It can be incredibly beneficial to have everyone in the same room where they can be easily heard. When issues are deeply rooted within the family system, there is only so much you can do on an individual level. As a group, we work on validating people’s concerns and cultivating an environment where everyone feels like they can voice themselves and be acknowledged.

One of my goals is to help families look at their relationships critically, to identify areas where they can grow and encourage smoother communication.

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